Hi there,
Add my two greatest passions….decorating…A.K.A farmhouse style plus writing, and guess what you get…? drum roll please…that’s right…The Farmhouse Typewriter. I’ve been writing ever since I was little, and my love for creating a beautiful space for friends and family to share only grew stronger once I had children and a home of my own. I could have gone with The Farmhouse Laptop….hmmm. 
Anyway, here you’ll find home decorating tips, tutorials, recipes,  ways to stretch your budget, life hacks and more while still making home more than just a four letter word.  If you love French country, rustic details, farmhouse sinks, and shiplap, you are at the right place, my friend. 
I’m also a writer, self-published (any agents out there…wink, wink!)  and while I’m no Danielle Steel, Nicholas Sparks, or Ernest Hemingway, I have an innate need to express myself through words, stories, experiences, etc… And whether I produce blog posts, historical fiction, romance, educational resources for parents, or works extremely out there, it’s what drives me everyday, and what makes me….well, me. If I sell hundreds of copies, or just a few, my desire is to simply write for the love of it. So, feel free to check out my titles, or just browse through for fun….either way, I appreciate you stopping by, and God bless…