Farmhouse Style



I love me some painted brick, especially since our ranch house in the desert is so….ugly, this gives me a ton of inspiration and hope. (Yes, I’m going for a farmhouse look in the desert…) There are many techniques, textures, and colors to choose from. Sit back and enjoy the best of the best painted brick houses. Maybe it will actually help me decide what to do with our own and actually go for it… (I’m a bit of a scardy-cat when it comes to doing anything so permament to our exterior).


Our brick looks very similar to this…minus the beautiful firehorn bushes


I’d really love to achieve something a little more fresh and classic like this…..


Isn’t this stunning from HGTV‘s Fixer Upper? I love the lanterns and simple white exterior. The greenery also adds to the overall appeal.


This house is one of my favorites from DIY Home Decor blog. This limewash look is simply breathtaking. The rustic, weathered look definitely has me dreaming.


This charming limewash house from Southern Living updates red brick houses perfectly. I love the ivy growing around as well. Classic cottage/cozy feel. This kind of elegance I wish I could achieve.


This is another look I’m in love with from homedit designs. The door color is perfect. I adore the wreath and would love to drive up each and every day to this.


This softer gray painted brick from the eye for design blog also warms my heart. I just want to go into this building because the outside looks so classic and polished.


Could this be any lovelier? Again, the light gray accent and trim is really making me want to do this. From Better Homes and Gardens, they truly know how to rock a house.


Hello French Chateau…I want you. I love how you can still see through slightly the different colored bricks. While there’s an overall feel of simple white, the rustic variation makes this adorable house seem more old world…I dig the blue shutters and LOVE that awesome wood door….posted from Bluegrass and Boxwood.


Now I really get torn because I am drawn to the dark side with this charcoal painted brick. The white truly pops with this darker color, and there’s something really sexy about this…check out Shopper’s Diary and their shop.


Again, how could you not love this look? The definiton and contrast the wood brings is stunning. I simply am torn…thanks Houzz.


Here’s another posted from F.E.C. Diaries…oh my love. Maybe a more navy color isn’t as harsh or as scary as charcoal….


Then of course there’s yellow…I love yellow….I just thought I’d be fair and show all different painted brick choices. Maybe a more relaxed yellow would work, but this is still lovely and definitely cheery:) I think my neighbors would die if we did this…


Check out this before and after from Southern Living. What a difference a little paint makes, and of course shutters and new front entrance…

Are you thinking of what colors to paint your brick too? Thanks to bynum residential design, here are the top Sherwin William’s exterior paint colors.


One: Nebulous White
Two: Alabaster
Three: Repose Gray
Four: Gray Matters
Five: Amazing Gray
Six: Intellectual Gray
Seven: Gauntlet Gray
Eight: Foothills
Nine: Brainstorm Bronze
Ten: Urbane Bronze
Eleven: Black Fox
Twelve: Tricorn Black

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you got your fill too of beautiful painted brick houses. What do you think….go with a classic creamy white, or be bold and paint our brick a dark, charcoal? I’ll let you know what I decide. Have a great and blessed day!


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