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how to frame

We wanted to make an easy frame tutorial that used quality, yet affordable materials anyone could follow to frame our 18 X 24 Etsy Shop prints. Again, once you’ve printed your engineered 18 x 24 print at your local print shop, these steps should be fairly straightforward to display your art. Thanks again for your support, and we hope you enjoy your print(s).



Two 2 1/2 in wood trim pieces both 22 in. long (these are the bottom and top pieces of your frame)

Two 2 1/2 in wood trim pieces both 22 3/8 in long (these are the side pieces of your frame)

One 21 1/2 inch X 26 3/4 in piece of thin plywood (this is the backing of your frame)

-3/8 in x 1-5/16 in wood joiners

-1/2 screws

-saw tooth hooks for hanging (optional)

-wood stain or paint

***overall cost for supplies is around $20.00. Everything was purchased and all woods cut were done through Home Depot***

1. start assembling frame


2. connect frame with wood joiners



3. screw in frame backing


4. flip frame over and mark where picture will show (this will serve as a guide when you center and tape your print)


5. flip frame back over and mark where backing goes. I used an arrow to know the top from bottom


6. if you purchased several of our prints, take some time to center print and mark where it goes (this makes it super easy to line up when switching out different prints)


7. stain or paint (if desire, make sure you stain the thin plywood piece as well)

8.  secure backing with screws again, add hooks, etc…and enjoy!


Thanks so much for your purchase. We hope you enjoy, and would love to see our prints in your home! Share pics, connect, etc…


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